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18 Weeks

Whoa, where did that week go?

Bubs teething continues, but the discomfort has significantly decreased. Still no teeth, I guess it may be a while so you can just assume there's no teeth until I say otherwise ;)
Toward the end of the week he's managed most of the day without assistance, although periodically he has trouble with sucking and therefore feeding. Mostly he just pokes at his gums out of curiosity rather than because he's in pain.
He doesn't like the taste of the Bonjela (don't blame him, smells like aniseed), but he does like and recognise its effect. So when his teeth are troubling him he'll look at the tube with great happiness and obligingly open his mouth, then pull a face expressing his distaste once it is applied. If his teeth aren't too bad he'll keep his mouth firmly closed and refuse it.

The sucking problem does mean that the dummy has been effectively retired. He's refused and coped without it for 2 weeks now, and he can get individual fingers into his mouth (lots of practice poking at his gums ;), so as long he seems happy we'll leave the dummy aside.

This week has also seen him sleeping full time in his cot in the nursery. As I suspected, we both sleep much better this way. Monday night, which was also when his teeth stopped bothering him so much, he slept for a solid 10 hours! (Obviously I didn't sleep quite so well ;) Since then he's mostly dropped back to 5 hour chunks, but still, luxury!
He's also tending to get up for the day at around 8:30 or even later, which is great. I'll enjoy it while it lasts.
Until now he's been sleeping nights in the hammock in my room. As he's not rolling yet he's still allowed in the hammock, but he only just fits so he has to move out soon. A couple more centimetres and he'll be hanging over the edge.

On Tuesday it was our turn to host the mothers group. This provided a good excuse to tidy the house (so if anyone wants to visit, now is a good time). House is cleaner than it has been since Bub arrived, and I'm rather enjoying it.
The meeting itself was fairly uneventful, Bub as usual was very quiet and watched everyone closely until tiredness claimed him. Being at home at least meant I could pop him into his cot straight away. Some of the bubs are very sociable and chat to each other. Some mostly seem to sleep, and others are like Alistair and go shy and quiet around other people.

It sounds like most of our group are actually renting in the area, two are already planning moves to the outer fringe of Melbourne's suburban sprawl which is where they can afford to buy, so I suspect we won't have the long-lasting relationship that some older mothers groups speak of.
I find it a bit weird. Although I know David & I were both on well above average incomes for a long time, I still tend to self-identify as being in a much lower wealth bracket and feel kind of embarrassed when I suddenly realise I'm not. Which is particularly odd given all I have and have done is more or less precisely what I set out to get when I was at school and plotting my escape.
(I wasn't plotting specifics, but if I were to show my life now to my teenage self, she would agree that this is pretty much what she had in mind. Except for the swords not being the right type, although technically it is correct and it's not my fault she didn't know what a smallsword actually was.)

But I have digressed.

Thursday was the slightly scary recommencement of paid work, in the form an Active After School fencing class. Bubs naps lined up fairly well with our departure, and the session itself while not completely smooth went pretty well. Initially I think Bub was upset by the noise, either generally or me shouting to be heard by the noisy primary schoolers. I moved him from carrier to pram, but he was still unhappy so I ended up picking him up again and leading footwork with a bub on my shoulder. Back in the pram, he eventually dozed off despite the noise for the second half of the session.

When we first got out of the car and I got the carrier out he looked really happy and excited. I've been getting the impression the last few days that he's a bit bored with the same old home routine every day, he's examined all his rattles now, and batted all his toys a thousand times. I felt a bit guilty when he got upset later on. Nonetheless, once he gets used to it I think getting out like this a few days a week will probably be something he'll enjoy.
Back home afterward, he had a big feed, followed by a long sleep. All that novelty wore him out.

Friday we were out again for a one-off demo at another school. That one not a paid gig, but it was potentially the right age group for the clubs junior class which needs more members. This didn't go quite as smoothly since for some reason Bub decided he wasn't hungry when he woke and just wanted to play. Naturally he got hungry later when I couldn't stop to feed him until the recess break. Poor Bub. But we both survived and he seems to have forgiven me. He slept through the final third, and woke again just in time to be cooed over by the girls.
Apparently primary schoolers like babies.

I guess I usually attend to his needs so quickly, we never get more than a single evocative tear. To see him with several tears was quite a wrench. Definitely better to stick to afternoons, which have more predictable timing at the moment.

His neck strength is now very good, as you may guess by the fact I was doing footwork with him on my shoulder. The shoulder carry is giving my poor arm a bit of a rest, and he likes having more of a view. He can sit unsupported in his seat for several minutes and play with things on his tray, although his movements are a little awkward compared to when he's lying down, and that frustrates him.
The communication by signing continues fairly regularly when he's calm and alert.




At the end of last week it started to look like he was combining a growth spurt with the teething. The bathroom scales suggest he has gained in the last 2 weeks, but how much depends on where on the floor they are sitting so I think I'll just have to wait until the 5 month check for an official verdict.
His 00 jumpsuits only just fit, which has me boggled. I assumed his growth rate would slow down as we progressed through the sizes, and we'd have more time to enjoy all the cute 00 outfits. Now suddenly I'm looking at the drawer and realising he hasn't even worn half of them yet and some might already be too small.
It would be easier if he didn't object so much to being dressed and undressed. We only change him for baths (around 3 times a week since he also doesn't care for baths), and when there has been a nappy leak or related incident (anywhere from zero to several times in one day).
I suppose at some point we'll have to stop coddling him and insist on him changing clothes regularly like a normal person, but it's not like he's getting them very dirty right now.

I think that's it for this week, and I have a cat that wants cuddling.
Edit: Photos now added.
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