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Week 16, 4 months

I thought writing this post would be easy this week, Bub had shifted his long sleep to early evening, not so good for my sleep but good for getting stuff done. Tonight however, he is up and down like a yoyo again, so we'll see how this goes...

So yeah, sleep continues to be interestingly varied at the moment. After moaning on LJ last week, I got a couple of nights with a bit more sleep, and then the last few days have all been on the order of 4 hours or so.
Records show that Bub at least is getting the right amount of sleep, with usually 3 naps a day of expected length. I've now started trying to nudge him into a regular routine that will suit me. Today he was pretty close to the desired outcome so I was feeling pretty optimistic, but ask me again after tonight.

We don't have a 4 month check with the nurse, because we get a bonus 3-month one here they delay the standard 4 month check out to 5 months. I've done my own measurements, which put Bub at 62cm long and an even 6kg in weight. If accurate, this would suggest he continues to track around the 20th percentile.

Last Saturday after my post he was like the perfect baby. A short sleep before we walked up in the sunshine to the fencing venue. There he was quite well behaved, sitting up and watching the fencing with interest for quite a while, then eventually settling for a cat-nap.
Back at home he was in a good mood for some more play, then dozed off while feeding and transferred to the cot with little noise for another nap of over 2 hours.
Later we enjoyed a little walk outside in the carrier, before falling asleep during feeding again for another good sleep - sadly the last for that day.

Tuesday we went to the mothers group, meeting at a local cafe. Went surprisingly well, Bub was awake and despite having had only a short nap he was happy to spend a hour quietly in his pram playing with the giraffe-blanket thing. I'm jealous of the mothers whose babies are sleeping 9 hour stretches. They're apparently envious of me having a baby that amuses himself.
After an hour he lost patience and would not be consoled - except by the promise that we were going home now. Once he saw me getting ready to go he sat quietly, albeit with a slightly put-upon expression. I get the distinct impression that he understands a lot of what I say now.

Thursday we did a quick shopping trip for a few essentials, and again Bub was very well behaved. Today we went for a longer walk with him in the Ergo carrier which went quite well.

He's in a bit of an awkward stage with the carrier at the moment. He's too big for the infant insert, but still doesn't really have the neck strength to go without it. I'm giving his head a little support with one hand, and hoping the experience will help develop the strength. His head control is good lifting it up, but not so much holding it forward when sitting up. Other babies his age seem to be doing better, however his neck does seem quite slender compared to theirs so I guess he just needs a bit more time.

On development, progress continues. Flipping the robot was not a fluke, he has continued to flip it around with impunity when it is within reach. He also seems to understand that he can only flip it in the same direction a couple of times before he needs to go the other way, and if an arm gets stuck between the cot bars he gives the other arm a pull to free it. I've been quite impressed by his problem-solving.
He can get two shakes out of a rattle before dropping it, and immediately forgetting about it. On Thursday I handed it to him while he was lying in the playgym, and he accidentally hit one of the hanging toys with the rattle. There was an expression of pure delighted glee as he suddenly realised he could hit things with the rattle, and he held onto it for quite a few swings after that. He seems to have forgotten about it after his next nap, but I'm sure it will be back.



During tummy time he is slowly getting closer to the correct crawling action. The knees are staying down and the bum starting to go up, so may not be too long until he gets traction. During the post-bath naked-time he managed to move a little bit, then later started propelling himself along on his back. After today's bath he managed to turn in a half circle. He remains safely immobile when clothed.

The nappy rash is still a problem. It comes and goes, but hasn't completely cleared at any point this week. Tomorrow we're taking a short trip to visit my parents, I'm sort of hoping that a couple of days in disposables will help shake it.

David seems to have brought plague home, so my illness-free days may be numbered. I'm trying to think healthy thoughts.
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