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13 Weeks

It's been an interesting week, as we reach 3 calendar months.

He's been... moodier, and louder about it. Where previously he was more "Excuse me, but I'm ravenously hungry so would you mind feeding me asap please?", now he's more "Hungry! Feed me! Feed me now!"
During the day he's been on sub-1-hour naps, which gives him no more than an hour uptime before he is getting unconsolably cranky. Naps lengthen to 2 hours in the evening which makes for a much happier and more patient bub, and then overnight he is back to usually managing at least a technical sleep-through.
Having said that, today he's decided to have a nap 3 hours and counting in the middle of the day. I have done all the small jobs that have been gathering during the week, only have the big ones left but don't want to start them since surely he will now wake at any minute...

On Monday he suddenly decided the cot was evil and he would not sleep in it. This protest voiced at high volume. Wednesday afternoon I eventually convinced him to sleep in it again (which involved sitting in there keeping him calm for over an hour until he eventually slept - I realise this is nothing compared to what some people have to endure, but it's unusual for our Bub) and apparently it's all fine again now.
Because he's close to rolling, and hammocks are recommended to not be used after they start rolling, rejecting the cot at this time was potentially inconvenient.

On Thursday we reached what may be the end of my catch-up sleep-ins. Bub was showing every sign of still being hungry after consuming everything I had to give him, and wouldn't go back to sleep. (After two 4-hour sleeps, I wanted some more). I hopped up to thaw some frozen milk for him, but then he started screaming in a way that suggested he couldn't wait for that. So instead I broke open one of the emergency bottles of formula, took him through and offered him that.
At which point, he more or less said "Don't be silly, I've had heaps to eat already. Just put me down so I can bat at my toys."
So, guess he can get bored now.

A couple of weeks grinding the batting skill has paid dividends and Bub has leveled up. This week he has started taking hold of the toys sometimes, or using a hand to more gently move one around. When I put him in the cot post-nappy change while I clean up, he reaches out to play with the robot in there instead of just looking at it. Today he reached for a rattle I was holding, although didn't manage to take hold of it.

Head control continues to improve, not yet to holding it while sitting up, but it's not flopping backward as much as it was even just last weekend. Supporting him in his seat, he's now comfortable enough to try waving an arm to bat at toys.
After having forgotten about bouncing for a while, this week he's very keen on it again. He does a little bounce, and I exaggerate it and lift him high. Best game of the week apparently, and if I pick the wrong activity for him he finds ways to let me know what he really wants to do.

This week also saw the first time he actually looked at the book while I was reading to him. In fact he looked at it for the whole story (only about 6 pages, but still good). Apparently shiny caterpillars got his attention.

This week we have also returned to feeding in bed at night. After last Friday I realised that now that he's bigger and has no more attachment issues, feeding in bed is a lot less messy than it used to be. Also, it gives my sore arm a rest.

Other things I've been meaning to mention:
His little legs are just about wide enough to fill the leg holes in the Baby Beehind nappies now, which reduces the risk of leaks and means I like them a lot more than I did. Being able to check if they're wet without taking them off is a big advantage at times.
Currently the Bum Genius's are more likely to leak. I was going to explain in detail why, but then remembered I'm trying to keep the parental obsession with poo to a minimum in public. Nappy engineering is probably not of great interest for most of you, ask if you really want to know.
We don't get very many leaks, on the whole he is a remarkably clean baby.

Given the cranky week I haven't made any attempts to infant potty train, but he is doing a very good job of completing his business at the change table now, and I'm doing a good job of not interrupting.

This week we have been highly reliant on the clothes dryer to keep him in nappies. Lit the fire last night, we enjoyed it, as did the cats, but Bub didn't seem to pay it any attention.

He still isn't entirely convinced by baths. He mostly endures them with an expression of uncertainty and some trepidation. He likes having his nappy off on the change table, but needs a fair bit of reassurance to have nappy-free time anywhere else. A baby with a sense of propriety perhaps.

He rarely uses the dummy now. Sometimes I'll convince him to take it when he's having trouble settling for sleep, but he'll spit it out once he's calm and before he goes to sleep.

Looks like I'm about to retire a bunch more of the 000 jumpsuits, possibly most of them. Again it's the length that's an issue, so separate tops&pants in 000 still fit.

And now I've finished this and he's still asleep! I'm going to have to clean the toilet at this rate... no wait, I think I hear him stirring. Lucky that ;)

I appear to have a cat drinking from my glass of water... The one I leave out for during feeds. I didn't know she could get her head in there...
A fresh glass may be in order.
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