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Another Flower Post

Click for larger versions, and even more photos.

Hidden Rose Letterbox Rose
Hidden Rose
This is the rosebush that grows up into the ornamental cherry tree, so you only notice it when it flowers.
Letterbox Rose
One of many by the letterbox.
Unidentified ground cover Another Groundcover
Unidentified ground cover
Lots of tiny little purple flowers, spreads by runners over the surface.
Another Groundcover
Climbing Rose Big Climbing Rose
Climbing Rose
One of serveral bushes out the back gate.
Big Climbing Rose
Also out the back gate. The Undead Rosebush of Doom appears to be of the same type, but possums render it less prolific.
'Wild' strawberries
'Wild' strawberries
With some bonus sea daisies.

Another rose Pink Roses
Another rose
This one is in a shady spot under the Ivy-Pittasporum monster. It never looks very happy.
Pink Roses
Another Lettbox Rose Miniature Letterbox Rose
Another Lettbox Rose
Or at least, it has thorns so I assume it's another rose.
Miniature Letterbox Rose
You've seen this one before, but they're just so pretty!

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