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A Pictorial History of our Kitchen Renovation

Before Semi-Deconstructed
Here is the before shot as used on eBay. It hadn't looked so clean since we moved in!
We were still operating out of the kitchen for a few days after the eBay purchaser took most of the cabinets.
Cabinets Out No Walls!
Cabinets Out
Fitters removed the remaining cabinets, and found lots of interesting holes.
No Walls!
Also, no walls behind the cabinets, but apparently that isn't unusual. Electrician set everything up while it was easy to get to.
Cabinets Arrive Lots of Cabinets
Cabinets Arrive
Cabinets arrived along with the plasterboard sheets to give us walls.
Lots of Cabinets
Cabinets everywhere...
Day 1 Day 1
Day 1
By the end of day 1 many cabinets were already roughly positioned, and the island benchtop attached.
Day 1
Turned out to be the wrong profile on the island benchtop, but I decided I liked it so it's staying.
Day 2 Day 2
Day 2
At the end of day 2 we have benchtops, cabinets aligned and upper cabinets attached.
Day 2
They've also blocked off the top of the cabinets, but oops, that end wasn't meant to be done.
Day 3 Day 3
Day 3
End of day 3, we have appliances in place! We can now put stuff in cupboards.
Day 3
And the errant blocking has been removed. Plumber, plasterer and tiler would follow in the coming days to finish things off.
All Done Finishing Off
All Done
Here we are moving in and messing up the benches. David has made a good start on patching the floor tiles.
Finishing Off
With the tiling complete, we now just have to paint... This may take some time so I won't make you wait until then for photos. ;)
Final view
Final view
We seem to have got the design right. So far nothing has annoyed me, and I keep being pleasantly surprised at how convenient everything is. The slightly lower island is great for prepping food on. I adore it. (Kicker is off temporarily while David does floor tiles).

Edit: Meant to mention; we used Kitchens Squared as our kitchen providers. Relatively small local operation, things went about as smoothly as can be expected of such a project.
Called them today to ask about a couple of holes the plumber missed filling in. Called me back a few minutes later to say the Plumber would call me tomorrow to arrange a time to come fix them. I like that.
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