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Free Stuff

As we're stuck at home on call for work, we've used the opportunity to start going through our stuff.
Items for sale post will follow later, but first I'll try to get your attention with some free things:

I have 8 unopened reams of printer paper, 4 pink and 4 blue.

A couple of rubber car-mat things, cut up as a source of rubber for David's fencing bag wheels. May be suitable for something crafty?

Lavender Bath set. I've used the moisturiser, but you still get the bath essence, bath crystals, incense and a couple of massager things.

Gardening Stuff Gardening Stuff
3 self-watering pots, optional plant, plant food, mini-garden tools, mini-greenhouse with pots, and there is also a bag of potting mix.
Dark Helmet Dark Helmet
Unfinished Dark Helmet costume still needs a home. It will be thrown out otherwise. Optionally you can have the rest of the costume pieces as well, and stuff to help finish it off, but it's the helmet that really needs a home.

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