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Official Public Announcement

For those who haven't already heard, davidcook and I are returning to Australia.

Our slightly insane UK schedule is as follows:

Sept 27/28 - Highland Open, our last fencing comp, and our 5th wedding anniversary
Thu Oct 2nd - Last day at work, followed by work leaving party
Thu 9th - Last Trout visit. Probably be there from 9ish or so.
Sat 12th - House Cooling! Come play games and take our stuff. Probably followed by a leaving party at Walkabout
Tue 14th - Burly Movers arrive to pack up the stuff we're taking with us
Thu 16th - Last drinks with the fencers at the Atholl

Then we're in Edinburgh from the 17th-22nd. Doing the tourist thing while waiting to see if there are any move-related problems we need to deal with.

We then make our way south to London in a manner yet to be finalised.

Fri 31st - Depart Heathrow Airport

If anyone wants to catch up with us before we go, the above should give you some idea of good times to do so.

I would draw the Scots attention to the House Cooling. We have a lot of house-type stuff we're not taking with us, and everything must go by the end of that weekend.
The larger and more interesting stuff will be listed for sale, please feel free to make us an offer (particularly if you'll wait until the 12/13th to collect things), anything not sold by the House Cooling will getting given away along with anything not worth listing.
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